Como recuperar o SQL gerado por uma query?

Most queries written in ColdFusion will contain one or more dynamic portions. If you want to get the SQL that was actually passed to the database, use the result attribute of the <cfquery> tag:

<cfset name = "e">
<cfquery name="getIt" datasource="cfartgallery" result="result">
     select artistid
     from artists
     where lastname like 
     <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="%#name#%" maxlength="255">
<cfdump var="#result#">

The result attribute returns a structure with keys that relate to the query. The keys that you would be concerned about our SQL and SQLParameters. The SQL key will contain the sql that was passed to the database. Each and every <cfqueryparam> tag that was used will be replaced with a question mark. The SQLParemeters key will contain an array of values that correspond to each question mark.

by Raymond Camden

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